It’s insurance, not a math test.
Finding insurance should be quick, simple and efficient.


We made purchasing specialty insurance coverage easier for you.

We believe purchasing insurance coverage can, and should, be a painless and easy process. Here at SquarePeg, that is exactly what we have created! With 60+ years of combined expertise and hands-on experience in the student insurance industry, we have transformed the way specialty insurance policies are bought, sold and managed by developing a process that puts you in control and lets us to take care of the dirty work.

We connect you with some of the best accident insurance carriers in the industry.

With SquarePeg, you choose the benefit options that best match your school’s program and the proposal that best meets your students’ needs, while we bring multiple insurance carriers directly to you. SquarePeg gives colleges and universities direct access to some of the top accident insurance carriers in the industry – and with our experienced SquarePeg team there to assist you along the way, it’s easier than a free-throw and a walk to first, combined! So get ready to sit back, relax and easily review quotes from multiple carrier options before making your final decision.

We save you both the time and the trouble associated with traditional insurance coverage shopping.

SquarePeg’s user-friendly quote engine, uniquely developed with today’s most advanced and modern technology, allows you to request and easily compare multiple insurance quotes in minutes. Inefficiency and redundancy waste your valuable time and resources – ditch them. Instead, opt for an affordable, fast, and easy insurance coverage buying experience. Start your quote now with SquarePeg!

Why Choose SquarePeg?


Do you appreciate efficiency? Prefer to be cost-effective? Enjoy being in control of your purchases? Yeah, we know you do and so do we. That’s why we built SquarePeg.

A ‘square peg in a round hole’ describes someone who dares to do things differently while still making it work! That’s where we found our inspiration for SquarePeg, a service unlike anything on the market today that offers a fresh, new perspective on how colleges and universities shop for and buy specialty insurance. What makes us so different? At SquarePeg, we offer specialty insurance products uniquely designed to fit your school’s needs.

We bring the carriers to you.

You need intercollegiate sports insurance? We’ll find you multiple coverage options from some of the best carriers in the industry! You need blanket student accident insurance instead? Consider it done! And what if you need both sports and student insurance? Can you guess what we’re about to say? Yep, we’ve got solutions for that, too.

We’re committed to making things easier.

The insurance industry can be rigid, and until now, specialty insurance products that are tailor-made to fit your needs have been cumbersome to shop for and purchase. But this is now, and the unique products and services offered by SquarePeg make buying specialty insurance products a breeze. What used to take days or weeks, we’ve reduced down to minutes, with no added costs or fees. So, what are you waiting for? Start your quote now with SquarePeg!


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Our time-saving insurance quote engine is 100% free.

We put you in control by connecting you to some of the best carriers in the industry through our powerful online quote engine. Request and compare multiple quotes in no time.


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