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Our automated primary insurance verification system is included when your institution purchases sports insurance coverage through SquarePeg. Within seconds you will know whether an athlete has active primary insurance coverage or not. Verify coverage anytime throughout the season. No more phone calls to insurance companies confirming coverage. We just made life easier!

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What information will I need to start my quote?

Our quote engine makes it easy to upload pdf copies or word docs of the documents our carriers will need.

You’ll be asked to upload copies of:
1) Current plus last 3 years paid claims report.
2) Current plus last 3 years paid premium.
3) A copy of your current policy. (pdf or word doc)
4) Sport census information if you are requesting intercollegiate sports coverage

How much does SquarePeg cost?

There is no cost to you. You pay the premium for the quote you select and that’s it!

How is my premium determined?

Your quotes will be based on various factors that are specific to you, for example your claims history and demographic information.

How is my private information used and stored?

We take privacy very seriously. Your information collected through our quote engine is only shared with our insurance carrier partners. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

What if I need coverage for both enrolled students and intercollegiate athletes?

No problem. Just select the coverage option that combines coverage for both enrolled full-time students and intercollegiate athletes.

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I need intercollegiate sports insurance.

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I need blanket student accident insurance.

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What you should know about intercollegiate sports insurance.

Intercollegiate sports insurance, sometimes referred to as college athlete insurance, is a blanket accident medical insurance policy that is purchased by the college and is designed to provide coverage for student athletes, student managers, student trainers, student coaches and student cheerleaders for bodily injuries sustained while participating in intercollegiate athletic competitions that are supervised, sponsored or scheduled by the college. This includes college supervised practices, game related activities, off-season conditioning and related travel for covered events.

Insurance coverage may also be extended to prospective athletes or guests visiting the college or any facility to which they are invited by a college official.

Claims are paid in excess of or secondary to any other valid primary insurance coverage for which the athlete may be enrolled. Primary insurance may include coverage provided as a dependent on a parent’s insurance plan, the college’s student health insurance plan, or an individual insurance plan. If the student athlete does not have his or her own primary medical insurance, the college policy provides coverage on a primary basis.

Medical maximums, copays, deductibles and limitations will vary depending on the level of coverage purchased by the college.